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It is time to renew your membership again.

Thanks yet again to Bud Fowler for being first to do so in 2018. We all have busy schedules with family, work, recreation and community work.  But would you please take a moment and send in your dues.
2018 Paid Member list

We look forward to everyone’s continued support and hope to see you at our events during the season.

Membership in the Association is restricted to those persons who fall into one or more of the following categories:

Regular Membership

Regular membership in the Association is granted to individual who are:

  1. Former players of the Toronto Argonauts Football Club who have been on a regular season game roster;
  2. Former coaches of the Toronto Argonauts Football Club;
  3. Former trainers and equipment managers of the Toronto Argonauts Football Club;
  4. Past members of the Board of Directors of the Toronto Argonauts Football Club; and
  5. Past members of the Executive of the Toronto Argonauts Football Club.

Associate Membership

Associate membership in the Association is a special category to for individuals who fall into one or more of the following categories:

  • Former players of other Canadian Football League teams;
  • Active and former members of the sports media; and
  • Persons invited by the Board of Directors to become associate members


  • Copy of BOATMAN, the Association’s official newsletter; published four times annually
  • Invitation to Association events i.e. Annual Alumni Reunion & Golf Tournament
  • Official Toronto Argonauts Alumni Association Membership Card
  • Argonauts Alumni Certificate sent once to new Members
  • Automatic membership in the CFLAA and entitled to all associated benefits
  • Entitled to vote for the All-Time Argos
  • Complimentary listing on Double Blue Business Directory

Any additional benefits will be provided when available.


Membership fee for 2018 is $35.00 CDN.  Dues can be paid in one of the following three ways:

  1. PayPal:  (see below link for PayPal)
  1.  Email (For Canadian bank transfers ONLY): Electronic banking payment transfers of $35.00 CDN can be emailed to
  1.  Mail cheque for $35.00 CDN payable to the Toronto Argonauts Alumni Association to:

Toronto Argonauts Alumni Association
54 Legault Crescent
Cambridge, ON
N3C 3T4

It is crucially important for us to have a current mailing address in order to keep our benefit format complete and accurate. So please include your physical mailing address when you submit your fees for 2018, using whichever method you prefer.

If you have any questions, please contact Crista Bazos at

To pay your membership fee click the Pay Pal link below: