Alumni Support Fund


The Support Fund  is dedicated  to  improving the quality of life of  Argonauts  Alumni and their families by providing short term financial assistance to those  who are experiencing difficulty  meeting expenses resulting from a medical hardship and/or the need for assisted living  Quality of life expenses may  include: prescription drugs, medical equipment and supplies , food , clothing and other comfort items. The fund is not intended  to  provide relief from financial difficulties associated with  rent and mortgage payments, business ventures and addictions.

Who can apply for financial assistance

The following are eligible to apply for financial assistance:

  1. Former players with the Toronto Argonauts Football Club who have been on a regular league game roster and retired for at least 5 years
  2. Former coaches of the Toronto Argonauts Football Club
  3. Former head trainers and equipment managers of  the Toronto Argonauts Football Club

Administration of the Fund
The Support Fund  will be administered by a 5 member sub-committee of the Argonauts Alumni Association, appointed by the Argonauts  Alumni Board of Directors .

How to apply for financial assistance

  • Contact Pete Martin or call (289) 837-4892
  • Complete and submit an application form if requested

AASF Application Form