About the Argonauts Alumni Association


The Toronto Argonauts Alumni’s purpose is to serve, assist and inform our members to enrich their post-Argonauts lives. As Alumni, we want to stay connected with all past players and assist when and where we can. We care for our own and their families, enabling our members to connect with each other and contribute to the community-at-large.

The Toronto Argonauts Alumni Association is a non-profit service organization of retired Argonauts players. It was formed as an outgrowth of civic-minded impulses of men who performed at the highest level of the nation’s most popular spectator sport and used that experience as a springboard to success in later life.

An additional focus of the Association to foster fellowship among former Argonauts.

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The objectives of the Association are to:

a) encourage and promote football;
b) provide for the recreation of the members and to promote and afford an opportunity for social activities;
c) support charitable organizations;
d) promote the heritage of the Toronto Argonauts Football Club and Member Clubs in the Canadian Football League, the Canadian Football League and the Canadian Football Hall of Fame & Museum; and
e) advance its relationship with the community at large through community-based initiatives.

Additionally, a key initiative of the Association is the Toronto Argonauts Alumni Association Support Fund (TAAASF) that was created to assist former Argos players. The fund is intended to help alumni that may not be able to help themselves by offering short-term financial assistance.


Following the decisions made at the first meeting of the Board of Directors in 2019, we have been busy preparing for 2019 and have developed the following four initiatives for 2019:

  1. Do what we do, but better: continue to serve, assist and inform our members to enrich their post-Argos lives
  2. Communicating with you: create new platforms for our members to connect with each other and contribute to the community-at-large
  3. Assisting former Argos players: provide a variety of medical, financial and social assistance to help members lead healthy, productive and connected lives
  4. Younger faces: engage younger former players with new ideas that will assist the Association become even more valuable for our members