Liebrock: First Kelowna high school team to win a provincial championship

November 27, 2018

Chuck Liebrock played on the Argos O-Line in 1968 and 1969, and with the Bombers 1970-77.

“What a wonderful way, to end a perfect season: the Kelowna Secondary Junior Varsity Owls completed their 2018 season — undefeated, scoring over 330 points in offence, while allowing only 40 points defensively.

“We had an incredible group of dedicated, knowledgeable, totally invested coaches, who spent hours, patiently, respectively, and tirelessly, working with as I’ve said, an undersized group of football players, whose speed and quickness was unmatched as a group.

“Of course, coaches can only coach, and the young men who actually play the game, bring all the thoughts, strategies, techniques, and ideas to life on the field, and they did it with almost boundless energy.

“Our Mantra, could have been, “SPEED KILLS”, because of the energy, enthusiasm, sweat, and tenacity, that these young men brought to practice and the games was unmatched by any of this year’s opponents.


“The game itself started off on bad note when we allowed the opposing team, to successfully recover, their own short kickoff, and take possession of the ball, with great field position, 2 times in the first half and once again in the 2nd half.

“The takeaway from this, was a no time did anyone of the players, ever sulk, complain, blame or most important give lees than they had, to overcome the adversity: We Never Quit.

“Our Defence held a very well coached team to a total of 12 points for the game, while Kelowna, held to 14 points in the first half, collected another 24 points in the 2nd, to take the Provincial Championship for 2018.

“Just in case you’d like to watch a bit of history, I’ve included the link for our game played yesterday.”

Kelowna had no high school football for two decades.