Mack welcomed into Greenville Athletic Hall of Honor

January 16, 2018

Gene Mack, a talented all-around athlete, was recently inducted into the Greenville (TX) Athletic Hall of Honor.

Gene and Patsy Jefferson (volleyball/track/basketball) took their places in the Hall and then were recognized before the Greenville Lions’ home football game against Texas High in October.

Mack excelled in football, basketball and track and field at Carver in Greenville before transferring to Greenville High School in 1967. He went on to earn all-conference honors as a defensive end at Texas-El Paso and then all-star honors as a linebacker in the Canadian Football League with the Toronto Argonauts.

Mack, who has gone on to a long and distinguished acting career, talked about the rough start to his football career at Carver.

“The first day I went out for football I broke my leg,” he said. “I was in traction for six months. I didn’t want to leave a loser.”

Mack talked about the strong support he received from his parents and his neighborhood in Greenville and credited Carver coach Clell Davidson and Greenville Lions coach Pittman Keen.

On Davidson: “He made more men than you can imagine.”

On Keen: “He told me, ‘When you get your chance, take advantage of it.’”

Mack recalled the first time he touched a ball for the Greenville Lions.

“They kicked it, I caught it and ran for a touchdown.”

He also talked about his career in the CFL.

“I became an all-star because I just would not give up.”