Keith Kelly Family Fundraising Campaign

(December 12, 2019) In 2015, one of our alumni brothers, Keith Kelly (Argo 1990-1991), passed away.  As a young father, he left behind Elizabeth, his wife and six children (ages 4-16). Their only son, Jackson plays basketball, which was one of Keith’s most precious times spent with him.  Keith devoted his time with his son’s sport, traveling to his elite games and practices as his five daughters kept themselves busy with Mom and each other.

Keith was the type of person who left an impression on everyone he met. His radiant smile, warm handshake, and generosity were a true inspiration.  He continues to be sadly missed.

After his playing days, life presented a number of challenges to Keith.  Keith did not have a will, and it took close to four years to settle Keith’s estate and transfer the ownership of the family home to Elizabeth.

After his death, Elizabeth was left without insurance and heavy credit card debt.  To assist Elizabeth, in 2015, A Go Fund Me campaign raised $12,000.  However, these funds have been used for home maintenance, mortgage, and living and legal expenses.

The family annual income is derived solely from government family allowance is $24,000.  Elizabeth is capable of pursing a successful career; however, she is unable seek employment due to family commitments.



Her eldest daughter Phoebe (20 years old) has Downs Syndrome which is a genetic disorder.  Since it is unique to each patient, there can be great variability in the severity of symptoms, and which requires 24 hours a day care and supervision.  To assist Elizabeth, Phoebe has been enrolled in a publicly-funded day program at a local school since the age of four.  The funding is available for individuals aged four to 20 years of age.  Next year, on Phoebe’s 21st birthday, this funding ends.   As a result, Elizabeth is facing an added expense and will be required to pay $1,000 a month to continue Phoebe’s enrollment in the day program.



The only son Jackson, an outstanding student/athlete, is a freshman at University of Waterloo studying kinesiology.  His education is being financed by OSAP loans and income from summer employment with the City of Brampton Recreation Department.



Elizabeth has many issues to deal with on a daily basis; one being family transportation. She owns an unreliable and high maintenance 2006 Chevrolet Impala. The size of this vehicle does not permit the family to travel as a family. When they travel, they must rely on friends and neighbours to provide assistance.

The purpose of this fundraising campaign is to help solve this problem with the purchase of a seven passenger vehicle which will allow the family to enjoy family outings together for the first time in many years. The target amount is $15,000 to purchase a reliable, low maintenance, pre-owned vehicle which will provide years of enjoyment based on their travel habits.

Elizabeth Kelly is an amazing, single mom who is doing an outstanding job of raising her children under extremely difficult circumstances.

Trust you feel that she is worthy of every consideration and can find a way to help reach this goal.